Swansea Valley comedian Noel James is set to host a stand-up comedy night in Ystradgynlais later this month.

Speaking ahead of the show, the former Britain's Got Talent finalist had time for a chat with the Guardian about life after the show as well as upcoming work prospects.

"Since BGT life has been - I wouldn't say hectic,but definitely busy," he said.

"It was a shot in the arm to my career (if one can call this comedy lark a career). From it (BGT) I got an agent and two cruise ship shows, a Christmas show in Clacton and a few months ago I appeared in a Welsh version of a Brecht play that toured Wales.

"I've worked on radio projects and will be doing the voice for Dai Spud, a kids cartoon character on Welsh telly. Indeed you could say my life has been 'Dai-verse!'."

Originally from Ynysmeudwy but now living in Ynysforgan with his girlfriend, Noel said since BGT in 2018 he has found it easier to get work. "It's less effort and hassle than it used to be," he said.

"People message me out of the blue sometimes and offer me a gig at their wedding or rugby club, thought the honeymoon period is coming to an end."

The 53-year-old who runs a monthly comedy club in Mumbles called Cafe Play, said he hopes to secure more acting work in the future.

He has also set up a new comedy club in Ystradynglais at the Loaf with the latest stand-up event on Friday, January 24.

He said: "The comedy night in Loaf will be an intimate, and relaxed evening of laughs, drinks, and good times. It is a cabaret setting so people will have a table for their beer. I'm pretty sure there will be snacks like delicious cakes available as well as drink. I will be the host, and will throw in some welsh comedy for the locals during my stint. I like to keep things very loose. We have already done two shows there so we are hoping to get some of the regulars back, and build up a following."

Appearing on the night is Anthony King, one of the UK's best dead pan comedians from the Leicester area. His delivery and material are a blend of dark and bitter sweet, with some guitar songs thrown in.

Steffan Alun hails from La - as he says: Lower 'Afod, in Swansea. He is an up and coming Jesus lookalike (He has long hair and a beard), who seems completely bemused with the world and its everyday struggles.

John Collins is eccentric to say the least. Or he is 'e' to say the very least - that's the kind of thing he says. Recently heard on Radio 4's the Listening project, they beeped out half of his contribution...he's that angry!

The venue is the Loaf Kitchen Bar, 8 Station Rd, Ystradgynlais. Ring 01639849514 for tickets, priced at £10. Doors open at 7pm for an 8pm start.