An evening of American Appalachian old time music with award winning musicians Kieran Towers and Charlotte Carrivick is on its way to Burnetts Hill Chapel, Martletwy, on Tuesday, March 3.

The high energy string band duo are full of fun tunes and skits with a good time feel.

Both Kieran and Charlotte have won awards for their playing and musicianship and both have played at the chapel before with different bands.

Regulars may remember Charlotte from back in 2017 when she appeared with Midnight Skyracer (who will also be appearing later this year).

Kieran visited with Hot Rock Pilgrims.

Expanding on the tradition of fiddle/banjo duets, the pair combine their thorough knowledge of Appalachian folk music to create a new take on old time and contemporary string band styles.

Inspired by forefathers of the tradition and modern day masters, their music is infused with groove and distilled with intricacies as they weave ever-evolving ideas together on stage for audiences to see.

Expect breakneck fiddle tunes, lyrical banjo playing and occasional glimpses of Charlotte’s bluegrass prowess when she picks up a mandolin or guitar.

Add in some old songs with sweet vocal harmonies and you have the complete package.

Amongst new interpretations of age-old melodies, the two also show their compositional skills on their debut album, 'Wolves a’ Howlin’.

The concert starts at 7.30pm and tickets at £12 are available by calling in to Main Street Music, Pembroke, telephone 01646 621530 or alternatively call 01646 651725 to book and pay on the door.

The gig is organised by Pembrokeshire Eclectic Music Society, a not-for-profit community organisation.