A VIDEO created to spread joy among the community has been a hit on social media.

Cousins from Ammanford, Danielle and Catrin Davies, created the dance video to the song We're All In This Together from High School Musical as their way of saying thank you to the NHS.

Family and friends sent pictures and videos of themselves to 19-year-old Catrin who was able to use her editing skills to create the dance video.

It also features a number of key workers from the Ammanford area, including the town's firefighters and care workers from Cartref Annwyl Fan.

Wales Farmer:

Danielle, 30, said: "I got the idea for the video one day while out on a run. I was listening to an online cheesy music playlist when the song We're All in this Together from High School Musical came on.

"I thought it was a perfect song to describe the current pandemic with everyone self isolating, because even though we are apart we really are all in this together.

"I thought it would be great to get videos of people dancing in their living rooms and gardens and even key workers dancing in work and put them all together with that music. I basically had it all planned by the time I finished my run."

Catrin, who is due to study Film Production at Salford University in September, jumped at the chance to help out her cousin.

"She thought it was a brilliant idea and something to keep her occupied during lockdown," said Danielle.

Wales Farmer:

Since its share on social media the video has had a huge response with over 3,000 views.

"We have received loads of lovely message thanking us for featuring their children and how it has lifted people's spirits," said Danielle.

"Our great auntie Cynthia who is from Ammanford and lives in New York shared it with her American friends who all love it.

"So what started as a fun project for my cousin and me has turned into an uplifting video which is also showing support to our NHS and key workers."