A PEMBROKESHIRE arable grower is hoping to boost yields and produce more even crops after mapping soils to allow seed rate application to be matched to land type.

Soil type in a single field can vary and the Rees family are establishing what those differences are in fields at Dudwell Farm, their 283ha arable and livestock farm near Camrose.

Working with Farming Connect, the Rees family are evaluating four soil mapping options in two fields – one arable and one grassland - and will match these to soil sampling results.

The findings will be shared with farmers during a Farming Connect open day at Dudwell in May.

Tom Rees, who farms with his father, Charles, says mapping will remove the guesswork in growing crops.

“We are not necessarily looking at this from the aspect of cost savings but to get better production from the land.

“The technology is there so we are keen to make use of it, it will take the guesstimation out of what we are doing.’’

One of the fields that is being mapped had grown a crop of winter wheat and will be planted with potatoes this spring; the other is pasture.

“We are very interested in variable rate seed application, to alter seed rates by matching these to soil types to grow more even crops,’’ says Tom.

“Data use is a good thing but you have to make use of what you find, there is no point in investing in a technology if you don’t. The key is to take from technology and combine that with our own knowledge to formulate plans and ideas.’’