Eight lucky people enjoyed a day at the picturesque Llanerch Vineyard learning how to prepare the perfect pork dishes with TV chef, Angela Gray following the recent Porximity competition.

Winner, Alison Philip and seven guests were guided through a masterclass on how to prepare and cook five fantastic pork recipes involving a range of skills designed to demonstrate the versatility of pork. Recipes involved slow cooking, hot smoking and barbecuing, sausage making, stuffing and trussing as well as how to make the perfect pork pie.

To win the prize, entrants were asked to find their nearest pork supplier using the porc.wales Porximity map and share them via social media. As part of the masterclass prize, Alison also received a hamper full of pork produce from her local butcher, the Black and White Pig company so she could try out her new acquired skills at home.

Angela Gray, TV chef said: “While I have run many different masterclasses over the years at my Cookery School, this was the first time the masterclass session was purely presenting some delicious and varied recipes with different cuts of pork.

"I love working with this meat. It’s such a versatile ingredient and is used in so many different cuisines in countries across Europe, in America and Asia. However, here in the UK, I still find pork underrated, so I really relished sharing tips on how to get the best out of it. I hope Alison and her friends enjoyed their day and took away new knowledge and culinary confidence to experiment with some of the lesser known cuts of pork.”

Competition winner, Alison Philip said: “We really enjoyed learning from Angela and had such a good time. I’d have never considered cooking a pork joint on the barbecue before, but it tasted fantastic, it’s something I’ll definitely try again in the future.”