FARMERS' unions are urging farmers across Wales to make their voices heard following the launch of Welsh Government’s ‘Brexit and Our Land’ consultation.

They say the consultation will be ‘the most significant and important Welsh Government consultation for a generation’.

NFU Cymru will be undertaking a comprehensive member engagement programme over the coming months, which includes a dedicated consultation seminar at the Royal Welsh Show and similar briefings at the summer county shows, as well as five regional roadshow events across Wales in September, all designed to ensure farmers are able to respond effectively to the proposals.

FUW president Glyn Roberts said: “What is proposed would constitute the most radical change to our farm policies since 2005, and is a world away from the kind of policies previously in place from 1947 onwards.

“Given this, it is essential that farmers take the time to consider them over the coming weeks and months and respond to the consultation appropriately.

“We have numerous concerns about what is being proposed, and we have been vociferous in raising these.

“Amongst these are the fact that the EU have recently announced their commitment to providing the farmers against which we will compete with ongoing direct support at levels similar to those currently in place.”

NFU Cymru president John Davies said: “NFU Cymru’s vision for a future Welsh agricultural policy is built firmly on three cornerstones: productivity, volatility and the environment.

"Although this consultation considers in detail productivity measures (economic resilience) and environment measures (public goods), it appears to suggest that volatility (stability) measures are not required.

"While we accept that Welsh Government is proposing a multi-year phased removal of the BPS, it is the firm belief of the Union that given the unprecedented weather events of the last year and the impact that has had on the industry, coupled with continued global political instability and the ongoing uncertainty over future trading relationships, the case for maintaining stability measures as a strong element of any future agricultural policy has, in fact, never been more compelling if we are to ensure the continued supply of safe, quality, affordable food.

“The case for farm support is a strong one. Just last year the NFU commissioned research which showed that for every £1 invested by government in agriculture the industry delivers a return of around £7.40 – that’s a £1.5 billion return on the £200m a year currently spent on direct payments in Wales.

"Add to this the wider environmental, cultural and social contribution of farming and there can be little doubt that the industry represents extremely good value for money."

Removing direct payments would have a massive impact on the Welsh agricultural industry and because farming is so intrinsically linked to the well-being of Wales, it would consequently have a similarly detrimental effect on the people and communities of Wales. The Welsh Government’s continued stance that Wales should not lose a penny as a result of Brexit is, of course, to be commended.

Further details of NFU Cymru’s comprehensive consultation engagement programme are available at and NFU Cymru’s Facebook and Twitter channels.


Wednesday, July 25: NFU Cymru Royal Welsh Show Brexit Consultation Seminar (with Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths AM), NFU Cymru/NFU Mutual Marquee 2pm.

Wednesday, August 8: 10.45am, Vale of Glamorgan Show

Tuesday, August 14: 11am, Anglesey County Show

Wednesday, August 15: 11am, Pembrokeshire County Show

Thursday, August 16: 2pm, Denbigh & Flint Show

Wednesday, August 22: 3pm, Meirioneth County Show

Monday, September 10: 2pm, Welshpool Livestock Market

Monday, September 10: 7.30pm, Llysfasi Agricultural College

Tuesday, September 11: 12.30pm, The Black Boy, Caernarfon

Tuesday, September 11: 7.30pm, Brecon Livestock Market

Wednesday, September 12: 7.30pm, Nant-y-Ffin Hotel, Llandissilio