A booming farmers’ co-operative has launched a recruitment drive for new members to supply milk after posting record sales of £45million.

The news was revealed by managing director Alan Wyn Jones at an open day to celebrate the 80th anniversary of South Caernarfon Creameries which employs 130 staff at its base near Pwllheli on the Llŷn Peninsula.

Over the last four years the company has invested £12million in a state-of-the-art cheese production facility as well as redevelopment of their cheese packing plant.

According to Mr Wyn-Jones, they need more farmers to join the fold because of the demand for their cheeses and butter with record sales for the second year running.

The latest figures showed there was an impressive 36 per cent increase on sales of £45.1million for the year just ended March 2018.

Mr Wyn Jones predicted the momentum would continue as the co-operative strives to conquer ever more exciting new markets.

He said: “There is ever increasing demand for our products and we continue to innovate in order to add as much value as possible. Only last week we were at a international fancy food fair in New York working to get our Dragon cheese brand in front of the USA audience.

“After 80 years, our ambition to grow and add value is as strong as ever.”

As the co-operative, comprising of 127 farmer owners, looks forward to the next 20 years – and its eventual centenary – it wants to drive up sales even further.

Mr Wyn Jones said: “With that in mind we are keen to recruit more all-year-round milk producing dairy farmers into our ranks.

“A number of potential newcomers were among the hundreds here at the open day touring our premises and seeing for themselves the opportunities South Caernarfon Creameries can offer them.”

The company produces a range of cheese and butter products and produces around 12,500 tonnes of cheese a year.

Among the newest members of staff to be recruited is Jordan Roberts, 23, the great grandson of the co-operative’s founder, the late John Owen Roberts, who in the 1930s had a vision to see Welsh dairy farmers work together to market their own milk.

Mr Wyn Jones said the co-operative had a pioneering history and it is still leading the way in Welsh dairy production today.

He said: “We currently pay one of the highest milk prices in Wales and we work hard to innovate and take advantage of new technologies to ensure we produce the highest quality products on their behalf.

“Our aim is to produce fantastic products, unbeatable service to our farmer members and our customers, and to work on delivering new and different products to continually entice consumers.”

South Caernarfon Creameries farm liaison manager Peredur Williams said the co-operative draws its members from a large area stretching from north and mid Wales.

He said: “We welcome interest from dairy farmers across mid and north Wales in particular to joining our co-operative and be part of a very exciting and positive future.”