A brahma chicken took its rightful place among the mourners at the funeral of one of Wales's top poultry breeders.

Friends paid tribute to Picton Jones on Facebook following his funeral in Lampeter.

"An amazing man, a raconteur - funny and charismatic and he won everything worth winning in the world of poultry," said one.

"Picton was an expert in his field and advisor to the Prince of Wales among others. A leading authority at home and abroad and recognised and awarded accordingly."

Tributes were also paid to the international showman and judge from Llanwnnen who was renowned in the world of poultry.

A minute’s silence was held on the Royal Welsh showground on Tuesday of last week to remember Mr Jones, who died on the eve of the show aged 85.

Best known for reviving interest in the rare brahma breed, which at one point was on the point of extinction, ‘Pic the Poultry Man’ won his first prize at the age of 10.

It was the start of a remarkable career culminating in the Gold Cup at the National Poultry Show, in London, in 1981 – and an eventual MBE.

Picton Jones’s victory – with a large dark brahma – was the first time the trophy had gone to a Welshman.

A founder member of the Dyfed Poultry Show, he was made an honorary life governor of the Royal Welsh Show in 1998 in recognition of 50 years’ service.