The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) has agreed to end its annual convention.

After 50 years of hosting the event, the board of management of believes it is time to refresh its offer to members and to bring its programme of activities more in line with its charitable aims to meet the needs of rural young people.

The convention was created to showcase the achievements of members, hold national competition finals and to host its annual general meeting.

Following a review, it was agreed that the successes and celebrations inside the event venue are being overshadowed by incidents taking place outside of the organised official NFYFC activities.

This decision has been made following feedback from NFYFC’s council, county federations and staff.

While NFYFC recognises this will be disappointing news for many YFC members, partners and sponsors, the organisation is looking at how it can explore new opportunities to move forward.

The decision comes as the organisation moves to become a charitable company, which involves a complete review of its governance and structure.

At the same time NFYFC will continue to work with the membership to develop a new five-year strategic plan to ensure the organisation is relevant for rural young people today and in the future. This will create a programme of activities that delivers skills for life and helps young people aged 10 to 26 to achieve their full potential.

NFYFC has produced a set of FAQs in response to this announcement on its website .

YFC members can also give their feedback and ideas in an online form.