THE UK’s largest dairy hygiene company has taken the lead to launch a national collection service offering farmers a convenient and efficient solution to plastic disposal.

Deosan has partnered with global leader Avanti Environmental Group to be the first company in the UK to introduce a national scheme that will offer a one-stop collection service to any farm location for all plastic waste. This includes common items such as silage sheet, mineral tubs, hygiene product drums and even used treatment tubes.

Farmers will be charged a monthly fee for the service with full administration support, ensuring propriety and responsible disposal.

The Avanti Agricultural Waste scheme will give farmers direct access to a specialist global provider in plastic waste services, who are fully equipped and qualified to handle all forms of plastic including hazardous waste.

The service consists of a regular pick-up from the farm at a frequency to suit the volume of waste and storage available as well as a detailed carbon savings report which will illustrate how milk production supports the environment.

“Plastic and hazardous waste is becoming an increasing issue for farmers - with numerous sources of plastic waste and little guidance to farms on how best to deal with it in the most sustainable way,” explains Rob Kelly, Deosan agricultural marketing director.

“Deosan want to address the current challenge and provide farmers with an easy and cost-effective solution to dispose of all plastic waste. Through Avanti we can tap in to an established and highly professional national network of local licensed sites, reducing the miles of empty loads and hence carbon footprint.

“This scheme is the first of its kind in the UK and demonstrates how the dairy industry is proactive in its responsible management of plastic waste. It also reaffirms how the industry is compassionate about environmental concerns and is determined to find viable solutions to plastic waste, while ensuring all current and future required legislation and standards are met.

“Despite there being few viable alternatives to plastic for dairy hygiene products due to their hazardous nature, Deosan will continue to invest in new packaging solutions. In the meantime, this scheme offers an immediate solution to plastic waste concerns and gives peace of mind that disposal has been carried out in a safe and responsible manner.”