MP Jonathan Edwards has accused the Westminster Government of providing more certainty to the farmers of New Zealand than those in Wales after Prime Minister Theresa May signed an agreement with New Zealand Prime Minister, Jacina Ardern, on her visit to the UK.

The agreement means businesses in New Zealand will be able to export their goods to the UK after Brexit in the same way they do now with the UK in the European Union.

Plaid Cymru MP Mr Edwards said the farmers of New Zealand were "being given assurances on their future" while farmers in Carmarthenshire and Wales were "weeks away from losing free access to their largest export market" in Europe.

The vast majority of international exports of Welsh agricultural produce go to nations within the European Union. Over 80 per cent of food and animal exports, including over 90 per cent of exports of meat, dairy and eggs, and animal feed, go to the EU.

The trade of agricultural produce between Wales and the EU is facilitated by the UK's membership of the Single Market and Customs Union, which remove all tariffs, customs and regulatory barriers to the movement of goods.

Jonathan Edwards MP also expressed concern for Carmarthenshire farmers who would struggle to compete against cheap, lower standard food being imported.

The Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP said: "As the shambles of our withdrawal from the EU continues, and the Theresa May clings on to power for another week, we have witnessed an extraordinary act from Westminster where the Prime Minister provided greater certainty to the farmers of New Zealand while farmers in Carmarthenshire and Wales are weeks away from losing free access to their largest export market.

"More than two-thirds of all Welsh exports go to nations within the EU. In agriculture, over 90% of all meat, dairy and animal feed go from Wales to the EU. It is astonishing that New Zealand farmers are being given assurances on their future but Welsh farmers go day to day with no clarity for their business.

"By signing an agreement this week, the British Government is telling our local farmers that they will have to compete with lower standard, cheap imports in our supermarket. This already puts local farmers at a disadvantage and looks set to continue if the Prime Minister has her way.

"In fairness to the New Zealand Prime Minister, she has gone out and secured a positive agreement for her country. Meanwhile, in the UK, our own Prime Minister seems to be going out of her way to undermine a key Welsh industry.

"It's time for Wales to take back control. For my part, I will continue to support Wales' place in the Customs Union and Single Market. These are vital economic frameworks to protect our local producers in the face of a British Government in London that seems intent on throwing our producers under a bus."