LEAVING the EU would boost trade for Welsh farmers, it has been claimed.

Mold farmer, slaughterman and master butcher Carl Grech from Llandegla said he welcomed Brexit.

He said the process could result in more local produce reaching local people, as opposes to imported produce, which will boost the Welsh farming industry.

Mr Grech, who opened his shop CJ's Butchers in Mold town centre last year, explained: "My personal opinion is that I think it will do our farmers a big favour to be out of Europe.

"All the imports coming in isn't really what we want.

"We want to rear our own stock and our farmers want to do what they're doing. We want to supply and produce what we have for our people - we don’t want imports."

Lucy Smart, trainee butcher at the shop, said she believes one benefit of being in the EU is the strict food regulations and quality control which apply to member states.

On the prospect of a no-deal Brexit, Mr Grech continued: "I suppose the export side of it will be affected for all our farmers that do that.

"But to be honest I personally think they will find another outlay for it."

Asked what his message to the government would be, he concluded: "They need to give our farmers - agricultural and horticultural - more support.

"They have been crying out for help and support for years and it is high time now, with what is coming, that they do give the support.

“Even the big farmers are struggling so you can imagine the impact it has on smaller farmers. It is very, very hard."