A FLINTSHIRE society has celebrated after another successful competition.

The Flintshire Famers Ploughing Society held their 111th tractor ploughing competition at Borras Hall in Wrexham on March 9.

What started out as a poor day with the weather, about 83 ploughmen and women competed in 11 different classes.

A spokesman for the event said: “The day started very badly with the fields having been heavily drenched by overnight rain, which continued whilst the competitors were arriving and unloading their equipment.

“However, by the time everybody had eaten their breakfasts the rain stopped, and the sun came out.” There was still a very strong breeze, but this helped to dry out the land.

“The Society would like to express their appreciation to all the sponsors who supported the match. Their individual contributions were acknowledged in the programme for the day.”

The society has also announced that they have been selected by the Welsh Ploughing Association to host the 2021 All Wales Ploughing Competition.

Winners from the various classes will be selected to represent Wales at the World and European Championships for Vintage Ploughing and World Championships for the Open World Style.

Anyone wishing to sponsor the event can call on 07527066700.

The results are:

World Style Conventional – Nigel Vickers

World Style Reversible – 1) Elfed Jones 2) Hugh Griffith 3) Dylan Hughes

Classic: 1) Roy Stokes; 2) Mike Holloway; 3) David Hankey; 4) Will Thomas.

Vintage Hydraulic: 1) Arthur Jennings; 2) Stuart Lamb; 3) Richard Ingram; 4) Cliff Hammer.

Vintage Trailer: 1) Derek Lloyd; 2) John Milnes; 3) Andrew Buckley; 4) Frank Millington.

Beginners: 1) Harry Jones; 2) Harri Gwyn; 3) Sam Gittins; 4) Richard Lewis.

Novice: 1) Huw Hulme; 2) Jac Wyn Davies; 3) Lloyd Edwards; 4) DM Jones.

David Brown: 1) Edwyn Hughes; 2) WJ Banks.

Ford-Fordson: 1) Harry Williams; 2) Andy Hughes; 3) Ross Watson; 4) Charles James.

Ferguson TE20: 1) Keith Atkinson; 2) Graham Jones; 3) G Monaghan; 4) Gwynfor Parry.

International: 1) Mike Speed; 2) Jason Linsey; 3) Les Parker; 4) Sam Latham.