TRIBUTES have been paid to a Vale of Clwyd agricultural figure who has died.

Clwyd NFU Cymru county chairman Dafydd Jones recently passed away at the age of 52.

Mr Jones farmed at Pencoed Ucha, Pwllglas.

Previous Clwyd county chairman Paul Williams said: "Dafydd had courageously battled with myeloma for the past 18 months, but had with sheer determination delighted us all when he took the Clwyd county chairmanship following our AGM in December.

"He had barely missed a couple of county meetings throughout his illness, and his attendance humbled us all as it was clear that at times he was in some significant pain and discomfort, but never did he complain.

"As we drew ever closer to the end of last year, and thus closer to his accession to the county chair, his strength, his colour and more importantly his smile grew stronger, and true to form he took the mantle and challenge of leading his fellow farmers of the county with pride and vibrancy.

"The chairmanship of his first full county meeting in January was conducted impeccably, and one could sense from his enthusiasm that Dafydd was indeed in his element amongst the people within the industry he was passionately drawn towards."

Mr Jones represented Clwyd on NFU Cymru’s rural affairs board for eight years, a portfolio that suited his professional knowledge and wisdom perfectly.

"His input was always valid and measured and he had gained the utmost respect by his fellow board members," added Mr Williams.

"Our sincerest thoughts are with Mair, who had showed tireless devotion to Dafydd’s wellbeing and had accompanied him to every meeting so that he could be there amongst us, and his children Glain and Sion, both of which he was immensely proud.

"During the last few days of his illness, and in keeping with his professionalism, Dafydd was determined to fulfil his officeholder obligations and had from his hospital bed started to pen his monthly column for this publication.

"Therefore, and with Mair’s blessing, I can think of no better way to pay tribute to our honourable county chair than to present the following piece in his own words that will resonate with us all – our thanks and respect to you Dafydd."


It is a job, full of long hours, in all temperatures, and lots of hard work.

But it is so much more than that.

It is scars, aching muscles, broken bones, stitches and bruises.

It is sunshine and storms, warm summer breezes and sharp April showers.

It is dirt under your nails, straw in your boots and a well-worn shirt on your back.

It is early mornings, late nights and long days.

It is the joy of a good harvest, the beauty of a midsummer sunset, the anticipation served up by the early morning rumble of a busy farmyard.

It is the smell of a hearty breakfast combined with a satisfying mug of steaming hot tea.

It is a definite plan for the day ahead, a devoted dog in your truck and freedom in your soul.

It is faith, determination and accomplishment.

It is fears, tears, laughter and love.

It is a way of life, a respectful affection, a sense of pride, a family affair.

It is home - and there is no place I would rather be.