Bardsey Island Trust is seeking new island wardens after the family who moved to manage an island off the coast of north Wales have been forced to return home after an accident on their first day.

Ned and Sophie Scharer were chosen as wardens of Bardsey Island - Ynys Enlli - two miles off the Llyn peninsula.

But they have had to leave after their son badly injured his leg in a fall on the first full day of their new life.

However they have said the job – being advertised by the Bardsey Island Trust - remains a "wonderful opportunity".

Bardsey’s sheep vastly outnumber its human residents – which is part of the island's charm

The Scharers and their two children set off in February for a three-year "family adventure" on the isolated spot off the coast of Gwynedd.

They had been selected from 50 applicants to become wardens of the island that is a national nature reserve, a working farm and a bird observatory.

Yet just a day after waving off the boat that ferried them into the Irish Sea, their son Sam, 10, slipped and fell on rocks.

Within minutes he was airlifted to hospital on the mainland by Holyhead coastguard.

Mrs Scharer had to remain at the family home in Llanrwst while Sam had treatment for his injuries following complications.

For her husband on the island, work maintaining the trust's letting houses and looking after the 2,000 visitors to the island each year proved too much.

Bardsey Island Trust is now seeking two new island wardens to manage the island for the next three years as part of the tiny community that includes just four people during the winter.

The wardens will also recruit and manage the volunteers who help out on the island.

The wardens will have an annual salary of around £25,000, though accommodation and utilities are provided.

Candidates must be physically fit, comfortable with periods of isolation and capable of taking on a "challenging but rewarding opportunity to live in a unique part of Wales", according to the trust.