ENVIRONMENT officials are investigating the cause of yet another pollution spill on the River Teifi.

The alarm was raised by anglers in Newcastle Emlyn over the weekend when foam was seen floating on the surface of the water and there was a distinct chemical smell.

Local angler Brian Kilsby, a member of the Teifi Trout Association, said: “Down by the weir, just below the castle grounds, there was all this white frothy stuff.

“We had a walk round and could not see anything but then had another look around and found an overflow pipe which was pouring out something into the river.

“It was still flowing this morning (Monday, July 29) and it has been reported to Natural Resources Wales.

“The river is so important and the effects that spills like these are having on fish stocks is massive. It’s hard enough to catch fish as it is.”

Paul Gibson, industry and waste regulation team leader for Natural Resources Wales, said: “The River Teifi is an incredibly important and sensitive river catchment and also a Special Area of Conservation, so it’s important we respond to reports of pollution quickly.

“Our officers attended the area following the report and we’ve spoken to local people about the incident. Our investigation continues to try to pinpoint the source.

“We would like to thank the people who reported this to us and we urge anyone who sees pollution to report it us immediately by calling 03000 65 3000.”