Wynnstay have introduced revolutionary crackless egg technology to help their poultry feed customers save hundreds or even thousands of pounds in wasted, cracked eggs on their poultry farms.

The electronic yellow egg sits next to real eggs, rolling gently along with them, as they go through the complete production and packaging process.

But what separates it from its fragile, shell-bound neighbours is that it is impossible to crack.

Instead of ending up chipped and covered in yolk, the ‘artificially-intelligent’, bespoke egg records any knocks and dents experienced by real eggs through its micro sensors, that are linked up to a tablet through state-of-the-art wireless technology.

Jim Turner, Wynnstay’s poultry product manager says: “The CracklessEgg is an amazing addition to our on-farm service package, we are extremely impressed with it.

“I’ve never seen anything else as high-spec as this and I was so impressed with a demonstration of it in Germany, that we had one made for us at Wynnstay, which came from Canada.

“As we follow our CracklessEgg along the production process, realtime reporting pinpoints exactly where hairline cracks that are invisible to the naked eye occur and where eggs experience more damage, or can break on transfer or around bends.”

The egg identifies and measures root causes of eggshell damage, from point of lay to final packaging.

Each measurement is repeated at least 10 times and recorded to find a shock level trend.

Jim says: “In most cases, overall shell damage from hairline cracks and total shell failure can be reduced by over 50 per cent, taking graded seconds from cracks in the best cases below 1 per cent. In one instance, the CracklessEgg has identified a number of areas needing attention. After some fine tuning of the system, gradings reported a 61 per cent fall in cracks, saving that farm over £4,500 in downgraded eggs and losses. We’ve set ourselves the challenge of reducing this even more."

Wynnstay's poultry team offers it as free service to bulk poultry feed customers.