The 44th Welsh National Poultry Show is to take place at Brithdir Hall, County Showground this coming Sunday, November 17, when 2,000 entries are to be exhibited and viewed.

Previously held in January, the show now occupies a November slot in the poultry showing calendar.

The initial move to November took place last year and this proved so popular with exhibitors that it has resulted in a large increase of over 300 entries with a corresponding increase in the number of exhibitors.

On view will be large fowl and bantams in both hardfeather and softfeather, rare breeds of poultry, true bantams, turkeys, geese, large and bantam ducks including call ducks along with eggs and an arts and craft section with a poultry theme.

In addition to the vast array of exhibition poultry on view there will also be a sale section which kicks off proceedings at 9.30am allowing the opportunity to purchase some quality pure breeds of poultry that have been entered.

Exhibitors are expected from all corners of both England and Wales along with several who intend sailing their way across the Irish Sea from both northern and southern Ireland!

The previous afternoon (Saturday, November 16, and at the same venue – Brithdir Hall) will be the largest triple event of club show, sale and auction of call ducks ever seen in Britain.

Over 900 of these diminutive, cute ducks are expected. A triple event such as this is unique for the poultry fancy.

The afternoon’s proceedings commence with the sale opening at noon, judging of the club show to begin at 12.10pm and then a separate auction at 2.10pm.

More than 20 judges have been appointed to judge the 635 call ducks. allowing such a massive club show to be judged in such a short period of time.