A cracking Welsh dairy herd sold to a furious trade at Whitland Mart with the dispersal of the Bancycapel Herd of pedigree Holstein Friesians.

The much admired herd belonging to the Knott Family, of Danybanc, just outside Carmarthen attracted a lot of Welsh interest.

A very impressive catalogue saw 85 cows in the milking portion consist of 53 animals classified VG or Excellent including 15 Excellent cows and 10 VG heifers many of which had deep pedigree lines up to eight generations of highly classified dams.

There was quality from the very first lot and the trend was set from the off with a super heifer, Bancycapel Marina 96 GP84, by Woodmarsh Zigano and giving 30kg of milk daily sold at £1,900 to RT, MA and WC Richards, Penyback Holsteins.

This was followed by Bancycapel Esther 135 GP84, a second calver, selling at £1,850 to DJ and G Davies, Ormond Holsteins and Bancycapel Tilly 43 GP84, a heifer at £1,950 to E and C Thomas, Gatrog Holsteins.

The trade was set and the atmosphere around the ring was dynamite. It wasn’t long before the next big seller came through.

Lot 6 was Bancycapel Tilly 35 VG86 a third generation VG/Ex giving 45kg of milk also going to Gatrog Holsteins for £2,550.

Another Marina joined the leader board with heifer Bancycapel Marina 97 GP84 also catching Elwyn Thomas’s eye joining the Gatrog Herd at £2,350.

Some very nice heifer calves followed their dams through the ring and the demand for those was also remarkable.

Bancycapel Marina 107 was two months old by the stockbull Woodmarsh Emission and went to R Lewis, Fronun Holsteins for £540.

The Miss America family was one of the most sought-after lines in the sale and they dominated the heifer calf leading prices.

Top of the day was Bancycapel Miss Amercia 107 by Amighetti Numero Uno EX90 and out of three generations VG/Ex also joined the Carmarthen Fronun herd at £820.

Bancycapel Miss America 102 was a March born Danumero calf bred of 9 consecutive generations of VG/Ex cows went R and B Thomas, Churchvale Holsteins for £800 and for the same money, Bancycapel Miss America 101 by Mapelwood Silverback and January born went to DJB Thomas, Gelliddu Holsteins.

The quality of cows did not dwindle one bit as the sale continued and prices were flying up towards £1,800.

Bancycapel Esther 139 VG85 was an August-calved heifer by Huddlestone Spooky EX90 and was another quality addition to the Gatrog Herd at £2,350. Her heifer calf also impressed and R Lewis, Fronun Holsteins snapped her up at £740.

She was immediately followed by another VG heifer, Bancycapel Esther 142 VG85 also an August calver sold at £2,500 to DJB Thomas, Gelliddu Holsteins.

The big prices kept coming and it wasn’t long before we exceeded £2k once more. Another Esther. Another VG heifer. Bancycapel Esther 138 VG86 by Zigano and bred from two straight Excellent dams saw R and B Thomas, Churchvale come out on top at £2,500.

The cows seemed to be getting better and better as the sale went on and bidders saw 10 consecutive lots average an astounding £2,117 in what was a truly amazing display of dairy cows.

Topping the day’s female trade was indeed a Miss America. She stood out, even among all the quality cows seen, from the off.

Bancycapel Miss America 77 VG87 was ninth generation VG/Ex and had just calved her fourth, giving 38kg of milk daily. After stiff competition she also joined the Gatrog Herd of E and C Thomas.

She wasn’t however the top price of the day. Woodmarsh Emission the stockbull wanted a say on the matter and having provided some very impressive heifer calves through the ring he strutted confidently about the ring and got the bidding up to a more than respectable £3,550 and went to N Evans, Llwynpiod, Carmarthen.

Auctioneers JJ Morris thanked the Knott Family for the opportunity to showcase the Bancycapel Herd and wish the very best in all their future endeavours.


Heifers in milk £1,907

Cows in milk £1,635

Entire milking portion £1,743

Served heifers £1,225

Bulling/maiden heifers £950

Heifer calves £471


£3,550 Woodmarsh Emission (bull), Evans, Llwynpiod

£3,200, Bancycapel Miss America 77 VG87, Gatrog Holsteins

£2,550, Bancycapel TILLY 35 VG86, Gatrog Holsteins

£2,500, Bancycapel Esther 138 VG86, Churchvale Holsteins

£2,500, Bancycapel Esther 142 VG85, Gelliddu Holsteins

£2,400, Bancycapel Marina 100, Gatrog Holsteins

£2,350, Bancycapel Marina 97 GP84, Ormond Holsteins

£2,350, Bancycapel Esther 139 VG85, Gatrog Holsteins

£2,150, Bancycapel Miss America 82 VG87, Feithy Holsteins

£2,100, Bancycapel Marina 94 GP83, Westpool Holsteins

£2,100, Bancycapel Miss America 72 EX90, Sevenoaks Holsteins

£2,050, Bancycapel Esther 141 VG86, Westpool Holsteins

£2,050, Bancycapel Daisy 50 VG86, Westpool Holsteins

£2,050, Bancycapel Speckle 55, Westpool Holsteins

£2,000, Bancycapel Lucy 60 VG86, LAN Holsteins

A further eight over £1,900. a further 11 over £1,800 and a further eight over £1,700.