The Shrewsbury dairy cattle sale on February 18 was on fire with a fantastic entry with something for everyone.

"Entries included beautiful fresh-calved cows and heifers as well as cross bred mid-lactation cows from the Llŷn Peninsula,” said Jonny Dymond, Halls Auction Centre manager in Shrewsbury.

First time vendors, Rob and Debbie Evans, topped the market, presenting five fresh cows.

Jonny said their best, Evalanes Zeber Daisy, fresh in her second lactation giving 45kg at a cell count of just 45cc, was a “complete picture of a cow” and went to sell, after a flurry of bids, for £2,100.

This was closely followed at £2,080 for another seconnd lactation cow, Evalanes Adventador Sue. This early January calved cow was giving 40kg of milk.

Pat Price’s ongoing dispersal from his Bicton herd enjoyed an “impressive trade” of £1,920 for his third lactation cow giving 40kg.

He topped the heifer trade too, at £1,950 for a fresh heifer giving 37.5kg of milk. This was followed at £1,920 for a stylish heifer from Andrews Shakeshaft. A cow making heifer from C Rutter of Delamere sold for £1,550, with heifers without fault selling from £1,550 to £1,950.

A run of crossbred cows from a low input grazing system herd in Pwllheli met a very good demand for the quality on offer, to peak at £1,000 for a second lactation Fleckveih cow calved in early January giving 28kgs.

A run of 6mo pedigree dairy heifers from Cefncoed Farms, Caersws, met terrific demand to sell for £490 apiece and go on for a life in the four-year TB area.