Farmers in Wales are being urged to have their say and share their ideas to help shape the new Sustainable Farming Scheme.

A co-design process is taking place to develop some of the more practical aspects of the new support scheme – which will replace the Basic Payment Scheme - such as the farm sustainability review process and four main topics proposed in last year’s Sustainable Farming and Our Land consultation. The four topics include:

• Farm development opportunities – exploring ideas to support sustainable farm management, and where needed, to help make changes

• Soil husbandry – considering ideas for improved nutrient and manure management, and improving soil structure

• Habitat management – including ways to move from a prescriptive scheme to a more farmer led approach to managing and creating farmland habitats.

• Animal health and welfare – including proposals for improved action-based health planning and biosecurity on farm.

The co-design programme is being delivered by Menter a Busnes and there are two ways to get involved -– an online survey focusing on the journey to participate in the new scheme, and confidential one to one discussions on any of the four topics in more detail, which will take place over the phone.

The survey and registration for one-to-one discussions are available until May 30.

For more information on the scheme proposals, or to register to take part in the co-design and complete the survey, go to