In these very surreal times, working life continues pretty much as normal on farms in Pembrokeshire.

While the wider population adapts to self-isolation, farmers are programmed for this, as they often work alone in extremely isolated locations.

Economic challenges of Covid-19 lockdown aside, farmers are among the most fortunate group of people in the county right now.

Here on our farm we are surrounded by fields in which we can wander at will and that is typical of the experiences of just about every other farmer in Pembrokeshire.

We can reap the benefits that nature offers at any time of the day, to watch the sun rise, to hear the dawn chorus or admire the blossom on the hedgerows.

The weather dictates farming life so much that the warmer days of spring are always welcome and never more so than now.

Compare this with day-to-day living for those locked down in homes with no gardens and those who have no jobs to go to.

Much has been written about closing public paths in the countryside but, for the sake of everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing, this is surely a step too far.

I have family working in the health service and their risk of infection is far greater than ours should we encounter a walker on one of our paths.

People need air and exercise; it is not the time to deny people this while expecting them to support us by buying the food we produce.

We must all support each other through this and, if we do, when we emerge from this crisis communities will be stronger and people will choose to buy locally-produced food because they value what we do.