By Debbie James

A dairy farmer’s son from Powys has penned a poem in tribute to the NHS.

Eleven-year-old Blake Morris was set the task of writing a poem as part of his home schooling activities during lockdowns.

His idea for the content came when he looked out of the window, at the work taking place on the farmyard.

“We were having our TB test but, because it is such a dangerous job, I was staying in to get on with some school work,’’ says Blake, of Coed Cowrhyd, Meifod.

He was seeking inspiration for his poem when he looked outside to see his family working in the farmyard.

“That's when I had my inspiration. I thought it had a good chance at being the best poem because no one else would write about comparisons,’’ says Blake who, when he is not writing poetry, is busy tending to his three buff Orpington hens and a flock of blue faced Leicester sheep.

Oh the NHS

Oh the NHS,

We look upmost to you

But many others too!

Never forget other key workers

Because farmers supply the food

And we can't even go out to get a burger!

And to be fair we and you are quite similar,

You supply medicines that keep people healthy,

And we supply Great British food!

(Which is very healthy too.)

You work all night and you care for your patients so,

We love our animals and they always know

And when they pass on it is always sad for you,

No life will be forgotten for us and for you.

You have cared and cared and you hope some day the virus will end.

We also hope our TB test goes well.

Were all in this together

But all in different ways

Good luck NHS.