By Debbie James

A farm-based video project led by the daughter of an agricultural contractor in Pembrokeshire has inspired a positive reaction from teachers across the UK.

Jo Jenkins’ mission to encourage the next generation of farmers, scientists and engineers to consider jobs in the industry was featured in last month’s issue of Pembrokeshire Farmer.

Since then Jo has been inundated with messages of support for her ‘Farming is more than…’ project.

“Teachers from all over the UK have been in touch as their schools would like to show the video to their pupils when it is finished,’’ says Jo, who helps to milk a herd of 350 dairy cows on a farm at Brawdy.

The Farm Schools Network is also keen to utilise the video when it is completed later this year.

“I believe this project is going to go far beyond the borders of our beautiful Pembrokeshire,’’ says Jo.

Jo is a qualified secondary school teacher whose family fattens calves on a smallholding at Roch.

She has engaged the help of traditional farmers, agronomists, scientists, engineers, zoo keepers and journalists to film video clips explaining what they do and giving their own opinions about agriculture and their role in it.

In her own message, Jo says farming is vital for a successful economy.

“It is a forerunner in technology on a global platform. It is essential for preserving wildlife and it is a leader in animal care standards, especially in the UK.’’

Find out more at the 'Farming is more than’ page on Facebook.