West Wales pork producers are among those celebrating Porc From Wales Week, an annual celebration of artisan producers and retailers in Wales that specialise in high quality pork and pork products – from traditional Welsh sausages to Italian style charcuterie.

Maesgwyn Farm Shop in Newcastle Emlyn is a small, family-run enterprise dedicated to providing real food and locally-produced crafts.

Owner Julia Benton said: “Here at Maesgwyn Farm shop we breed Berkshire pigs which are on the rare breed list. Selling as future breeding pigs, weaners for meat and butchered meat which we post out over the UK. The meat has a fantastic taste and crackling is crispy like it used to be.

“We believe by buying pork from local, Welsh producers you will you know and taste the quality of the product you’re getting and have the peace of mind that the animal has come from a small-scale herd and had a happy life, which is what is important when buying Porc Blasus.”

Tanya and Owen Morgan, of Myrddin Heritage, in Llandysul added: “Our journey began in 2013, when Tanya bought two pigs for my 23rd birthday. A couple of years later, in 2015, we decided that office jobs definitely weren’t for us, and that we wanted to pursue a career in pig farming.

"Neither of us came from farming backgrounds or had any knowledge of free range farming, so we jetted off to Australia to gain experience on large scale pig farms down under.

“We returned home to Wales in 2017 armed with a plan and a passion to turn our dream into a reality. There was no turning back. We now rear a variety of slow-growing pig breeds at our lovely smallholding, and use the prime cuts to produce our hand-made, free-range sausages.

"These have proved to be so popular that from later this month we’re launching a wider range of fresh cuts as well.

“For us it is ensuring we are using all the quality cuts of meats and the old traditions, which is hand-making our products at our home premises and using natural ingredients.

“Our mission is to produce natural artisan sausages, designed by the customer and created by us so you can taste the difference.”

Kirstie Jones, market development officer at Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales, added: “Porc From Wales Week is a great opportunity to help give our local economy a much needed boost. The essential links in our food supply chain – our farmers, food producers and retail businesses – need that extra support from consumers now, more than ever.

“While a burst in January during Porc From Wales Week is a step in the right direction, buying locally as often as possible would be a great New Year’s resolution for the long term. By making it the new normal way of shopping, we could then experience a tastier, fresher, sustainable and prosperous 2021 and beyond.”

For more information on Porc From Wales Week which runs from January 18-24, and delicious recipes go to porcweek.wales and for Maesgwyn Farm find them at maesgwyn-farmshop.co.uk