WELSH hill farmers know all about working on slopes – as do the wine producers of Europe.

And Fendt's specialised machine, the Fendt 211 V Vario, widely used on vineyards,convinced the jury and won the title Tractor of the Year 2021 in the category 'Best of Specialised'.

"The Fendt 211 V Vario is a very reliable tractor with a very efficient transmission," said Christoph Gröblinghoff, chairman of the AGCO/Fendt board of management.

"Small, but powerful and smart.

"The smallest Fendt tractor series is just as important to us as the largest. The specialist tractor Fendt 200 V Vario challenges our engineers because it combines intelligent technology like FendtONE with a very compact design and a lot of comfort.

"On steep vineyard slopes no one can compete with the Fendt vineyard tractor."

The Tractor of the Year award has been presented once a year since 1998. Since

2006, the award ceremony has alternated between EIMA and Agritechnica.

The independent jury consists of 26 journalists from 26 different European countries. Since its foundation, Fendt products have already been awarded Tractor of the Year six times and thus more frequently than all other award-winning brands.

Due to the corona pandemic, the ceremony was held as a digital event.

About Fendt

Fendt is the leading high-tech brand within the AGCO Corporation for customers who demand nothing but the

best quality from machines and services. Fendt tractors and harvesting machines work around the globe, both

on professional farms and in non-agricultural applications. Customers benefit from innovative technology to

improve performance, efficiency and profitability. Using resource-friendly solutions from Fendt helps farmers

and contractors worldwide to work in a sustainable way. At its German sites in Marktoberdorf, Asbach-

Bäumenheim, Hohenmölsen, Feucht, Waldstetten and Wolfenbüttel, AGCO employs around 6,000 people in

the areas of Research & Development, Sales & Marketing as well as Production, Service and Administration.

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About AGCO

AGCO (NYSE:AGCO) is a global leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of agricultural solutions and

delivers high-tech solutions for farmers feeding the world through its full line of equipment and related

services. AGCO products are sold through five core brands, Challenger®, Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson®

and Valtra®, supported by Fuse® smart farming solutions. Founded in 1990 and headquartered in Duluth,

Georgia, USA, AGCO had net sales of $9 billion in 2019. For more information, visit http://www.AGCOcorp.com.

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A majority of our sales and manufacturing take place outside the United States, and, many of our sales

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Most retail sales of the products that we manufacture are financed, either by our joint ventures with

Rabobank or by a bank or other private lender. Our joint ventures with Rabobank, which are controlled

by Rabobank and are dependent upon Rabobank for financing as well, finance approximately 40% to

50% of the retail sales of our tractors and combines in the markets where the joint ventures operate.

Any difficulty by Rabobank to continue to provide that financing, or any business decision by Rabobank

as the controlling member not to fund the business or particular aspects of it (for example, a particular

country or region), would require the joint ventures to find other sources of financing (which may be

difficult to obtain), or us to find another source of retail financing for our customers, or our customers

would be required to utilize other retail financing providers. As a result of the recent economic

downturn, financing for capital equipment purchases generally has become more difficult in certain

regions and in some cases, can be expensive to obtain. To the extent that financing is not available or

available only at unattractive prices, our sales would be negatively impacted.

Both AGCO and our finance joint ventures have substantial account receivables from dealers and end

customers, and we would be adversely impacted if the collectability of these receivables was not

consistent with historical experience; this collectability is dependent upon the financial strength of the

farm industry, which in turn is dependent upon the general economy and commodity prices, as well as

several of the other factors listed in this section.

We have experienced substantial and sustained volatility with respect to currency exchange rate and

interest rate changes, which can adversely affect our reported results of operations and the

competitiveness of our products.

Our success depends on the introduction of new products, particularly engines that comply with

emission requirements, which requires substantial expenditures.

Our production levels and capacity constraints at our facilities, including those resulting from plant

expansions and systems upgrades at our manufacturing facilities, could adversely affect our results.

Our expansion plans in emerging markets, including establishing a greater manufacturing and

marketing presence and growing our use of component suppliers, could entail significant risks.

Our business increasingly is subject to regulations relating to privacy and data protection, and if we

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Fendt® is a worldwide brand of AGCO.

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violate any of those regulations or otherwise are the victim of a cyber attack, we could incur significant

losses and liability.

We depend on suppliers for components, parts and raw materials for our products, and any failure by

our suppliers to provide products as needed, or by us to promptly address supplier issues, will adversely

impact our ability to timely and efficiently manufacture and sell products. We also are subject to raw

material price fluctuations, which can adversely affect our manufacturing costs.

We face significant competition, and if we are unable to compete successfully against other agricultural

equipment manufacturers, we would lose customers and our net sales and profitability would decline.

We have a substantial amount of indebtedness, and, as a result, we are subject to certain restrictive

covenants and payment obligations that may adversely affect our ability to operate and expand our


Further information concerning these and other factors is included in AGCO’s filings with the Securities and

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10-Qs. AGCO disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements except as required by law.