AN Irish poultry business is looking to link up with producers in Wales.

Annyalla Chicks Ltd is a family run business in the poultry industry in the Republic of Ireland and the UK, specialising in producing day-old chicks.

Through the Farming Connect Venture programme, the business is hoping to collaborate with farmers in Wales.

The company was originally set up by John Mawer Snr in 1981 and since then has grown and developed into a business producing in excess of three million broiler day-old chicks a week.

The company is looking for landowners who are eager to collaborate, and located within two hours travelling distance from Wrexham. Various opportunities are available including broiler growing and breeder options.

Annyalla Chicks are looking to invest into the venture over a period of 10 to 12 years and will pay a rent to the landowner. Agreements and options can be tailored to meet the landowner's needs.

The site size would need to be three acres with a minimum 250 kVA electricity supply, mains water and would need to be at least one mile away from other poultry units. Accommodation for staff would also need to be available nearby.

Through its Agrisgôp programme, Farming Connect has supported over 50 farming families to diversify into the poultry sector with groups led by experienced diversification mentor Elaine Rees-Jones.

Mentoring can be provided by Farming Connect to facilitate the setting up of the joint venture including subsidised business planning and legal guidance.