It could be weeks yet before livestock sales resume at Carmarthen mart under the new leaseholder as a programme of repairs continues at the site.

More than two months have passed since Nock Deighton was awarded the lease by Carmarthenshire County Council.

But, such is the level of remedial work needed to get it to the position required for the company to be awarded an operating licence that an autumn re-opening date is likely.

Mark Burgoyne, a partner at Nock Deighton, admitted it was frustrating for both the company and for the rural community.

The site, said Mr Burgoyne, had fallen into disrepair in recent years and a lot of repairs and other actions were needed, such as getting the washdown area and dirty water separation system functioning correctly.

“We can’t get a licence to operate until the washdown area is compliant,’’ Mr Burgoyne explained.

He said the company was working with the county council to resolve issues.

“We have a fantastic relationship with the council who are also our landlords at Newcastle Emlyn.

“Everything is taking longer than we anticipated but we should be where we need to be by the autumn.’’

BJP Marts Ltd was the previous leaseholder at Carmarthen but a sale has not been held there for 12 months.

The company’s tenure of the site ended in controversy with some farmers who had previously sold stock there yet to be paid by the company.

The re-opening will create 19 jobs and provide work for local auctioneers.