A PAIR of pig producers in west Wales have used a marketing grant to help their pig business fly.

Keen Young Farmers Cennydd Jones and Naomi Nicholas, from Pontsian, became pig producers following their success in the Menter Moch Cymru and Wales YFC Pig Finishing Initiative in 2017.

Today they sell produce from their herd of Welsh pigs through a box scheme, Traed Moch, and the marketing grant has assisted them to develop their business professionally.

“It is so important to proceed to develop the business, and this funding was ideal for us, so we could develop further and ensure that our produce arrived at our customers doorstep as professional as possible,” said Cennydd.

The purpose of the £750 grant from Menter Moch Cymru is to help producers promote their business and pork products by adopting a practical approach whereby businesses work with an approved design company to develop bespoke promotional materials such as leaflets, labels, packing, photography, digital adverts and graphics.

The funding can also be used towards print and production costs.

Cennydd and Naomi used their grant to develop bespoke boxes for delivering meat with their logo on the box and colourful informative flyers that will be used to convey their unique story, to share with potential new customers and to accompany their meat boxes.

“Our intention with the marketing grant was to get more sustainable packaging and also flyers. I think that it is really important that the public know our story," said Naomi.

"Today, every time an individual purchases our box they are introduced to our unique story of being pig producers in rural Wales producing meat to the highest standard and rearing the native Welsh breed.

“It has been a big development for us as a company. It’s a great step forward.”

As part of the range of advice and business support that is available for pig enterprises, Menter Moch Cymru is encouraging pig producers to go for the grant to produce their own branded promotional materials for their business.

Cennydd said the whole process had been very easy and that they had huge amount of support and encouragement from the team at Menter Moch Cymru.

“The process to was very slick and straightforward. Both of us work full-time and we are quite dependant on things working quite smooth due to time constraints, but this was great,” he said.

Naomi added: “The response from the public has been very positive. Today people want to know what they eat and where their food originates from and I think that the flyer accompanying the meat box gives them an introduction to our story.”

Melanie Cargill, project manager at Menter Moch Cymru, added: “It’s great to see pig businesses developing as a result of the marketing grant that is available for all pig producers here in Wales.

"Given the current situation as a result of Covid-19, there is an even greater need for producers to use as many marketing methods as possible to broaden their customer base and to highlight their products and services. In doing so, they will also raise awareness of the quality and availability of Welsh pork."