Rams offered for sale at the NSA Wales & Border Main Sale this year will be inspected, thanks to changes in Covid regulations.

The inspection policy is a hallmark of the sale to take place at the Royal Welsh Showground on September 20, and organisers say changes in Covid regulations have now made inspections possible.

The veterinary inspection system is unique and gives enormous confidence to buyers.

The sales are renowned for the high standard of the rams on offer, inspected by the highly trained team to ensure that they are correct. The organisers are delighted that this measure, which so sets the sale apart, can now be put in place.

Chairman Graham Jones said: “Our policy first and foremost was to get the sale back on. We’re glad we’re allowed to achieve the usual high standards now that the regulations allow.”

Every precaution will be taken to safeguard against Covid. Masks will be available as well as sanitisers and biosecurity. The inspection decision does of course remain subject to Covid regulations at the time.

The inspection system was devised by Montgomery vet, the late Terry Boundy, who was invited to the early planning meetings in the 1970s. He had seen ram inspections in New Zealand and suggested training and then oversaw a group of inspectors in overall ram inspection.

He recalled that he had seen so many rams with major testicular faults that could be picked out with a physical examination. Often rams who couldn’t perform had a good libido and appeared to be working.