Farmers and contractors running multi-brand tractor fleets can now use John Deere’s AutoTracTM TIM (Tractor-Implement-Management) activation for the Gen4 Universal Displays.

This means that the proven guidance system AutoTracTM can be used on all tractors with AEF (Agricultural Electronics Foundation)-certified TIM guidance capability.

Existing well-known solutions for machine guidance on multi-colour fleets are AutoTracTM Universal 300 and Reichhardt Greenfit.

The new AutoTracTM TIM is a complementary offer that is fully integrated. The key benefit is that no further steering wheel- or controller components are needed.

This is a simple solution for farmers and contractors with mixed fleets who want to use a universal guidance system. To run AutoTracTM TIM, they need the AEF-certified Gen4 Universal Display (4240 or 4640) with AutoTracTM activation and a StarFireTM 6000 or 7000 receiver.

More and more manufacturers provide their tractors for the AEF TIM interface. John Deere unlocks its steering system for tractors for other manufacturers through ISOBUS, which are AEF TIM guidance certified.

Details on machine compatibility to fit John Deere AutoTracTM TIM can be found on the AEF Database.