Kuhn has chosen to focus on its min-till products at Tillage Live at the end of September, showcasing the Optimer range of stubble cultivators, the Striger strip till machine and Prolander shallow tine cultivator.

With working widths from 3m to 12m, the Optimer can be specified with a levelling harrow for improved tilth and the SH seeding unit to sow cover and catch crops.

Operators can also choose between large 620mm notched discs or a smaller 510mm alternative. This, combined with rollers between 320mm and 700mm, offers a range to suit all soil conditions.

On show at Tillage Live will be the Optimer L 5000 and 12,000 models along with the 300 XL.

The new 12-metre model is capable of working speeds up to 18km/h which offers operators the ability to cover an estimated 20 hectares per hour.

The XL 300 has the narrowest working width of the series at 3 metres, and the 24, 620mm discs create a fine tilth that is well suited to cover crops.

In response to the growing interest in minimal tillage cultivations, Kuhn has developed its Striger strip-till range.

Available from 4 to 12 rows, the Striger is designed around a parallelogram system that allows all elements to operate independently, ensuring excellent ground following characteristics.

The advantage of the Striger is the ability to apply natural fertiliser, such as slurry or digestate, directly into the strip. The machine has also been adapted by some users to carry a seeding unit, making it possible to cultivate, fertilise and seed in one pass.

The Prolander, shallow tine cultivator is available in 4m, 5m, 6m and 7.5 metre working widths and is suitable for tractors with 150-300 horsepower.

It is perfectly suited to a min-till system thanks to five rows of vibrating tines which break up and incorporate even heavy soils and crop residues.

Away from min-till, Kuhn will also feature the VariMaster L in-furrow plough with Duo-Liner which operates totally independently of the primary cultivator to offer the possibility of a drill-ready seedbed in a single pass.

Key to its design are two independent hydraulic parallelogram systems that attach the row of dual 600mm diameter press wheels to the plough.

Using Kuhn's Steady Control automatic pressure regulation system, the Duo-Liner imparts up to 90kg of pressure at each pair of wheels to achieve optimum conditioning of ploughed ground.