A FREE course, launched by Lantra to help protect the safety of children on farms, has received an encouraging response from learners.

Since the October school holidays, Lantra has already received more than 70 enrolments on its online Child Safety on Farms Course and, of those, around a third have already passed the certificate.

The course covers a wide range of areas including children on the farm and the law, children and tractors, children and ATVs and children and falls.

It also covers child safety around equipment, and harmful substances, and the importance of having a farm safety checklist.

On completion of the free course, participants can download their Lantra Child Safety on Farms Course certificate.

Lantra director Paula Smyth said: “Part of the Farm Safety Partnership (FSP) Action Plan Targets involves promoting child safety on farms.

“Lantra, who are an FSP farm safety affiliate, has developed this bespoke training course specifically for people with children who live or work on farms.

“This is a unique and hugely important course which will contribute towards the FSP Action Plan targets which we are proud to support.

“The uptake of this course is very encouraging as it is a tragic fact that there are various dangers on farms that sadly claim lives and cause injuries each year.

“Farming is a wonderful but also hazardous occupation – and it is the only high-risk industry that deals with the presence of children.

“Their health, and indeed everyone’s health, should be of paramount importance and concern and through courses and initiatives, like our free Child Safety on Farms Course, we hope people can better recognise and avoid potential dangers on farmland.”

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