The new 5ML Tractor Series from John Deere introduces the company's most intelligent and powerful narrow tractors for use in high-value crops to date.

The 5ML tractors can be equipped with a comprehensive John Deere technology package for precision farming and deliver a maximum output of 134hp.

To make working with specialty crops easier, the 5ML offers a comprehensive John Deere technology package for precision farming.

A unique feature is the integrated AutoTracTM guidance system.

The AutoTracTM display has been integrated directly into the tractor's dashboard, eliminating the need for an additional activation or display. Above all, this saves additional costs.

With its equipment, the 5ML makes it possible to combine different work steps. The integrated guidance system enables the driver to deliver a high quality of work even on long days. The driver can fully concentrate on the implements as the tractor itself stays on track.

Due to political measures, farmers have to document their work processes in increasing detail, which means additional effort.

With the optionally available Gen 4 display on the 5ML, every step of the tractor's work can be easily documented and securely transferred to the John Deere Operations Centre, which is available free of charge.

Here, all operations can be monitored, planned and analysed, enabling the farmer to make informed agronomic decisions.

The John Deere PowerTech Plus engine in the new 5130 ML is a 4.5-litre four-cylinder with a solid torque rise of 30% and a maximum output of 134hp.

The mechanical PowerQuad Plus transmission has four of the optionally available Powr8 transmission eight power shiftable gears. When range shifting the matching powershift gear is automatically selected. This and the no-clutch range shifting with the de-clutch button makes the tractor stand out in terms of comfort.

The 5ML not only impresses with its engine power, but also with its hydraulic output of 117 l/min. This allows implements with high hydraulic power requirements to be connected directly to the tractor hydraulics without the need for an externally PTO-driven hydraulic pump.

Furthermore, a combination of different applications is possible. Time can be saved by, for example, pruning trees and tilling the soil at the same time. In addition, the tractor is ready for use with front loaders.

A special feature is the outstanding lift capacity of the 5ML, which totals 4900 kg at the ball ends of the rear hydraulics.

At the front hydraulics it is 2900 kg, with a payload of 3500 kg. Combining a high payload with maximum lifting capacity enables the attachment of large implements, which increases the effectiveness and productivity.

The 5ML's cab is equipped with an electronic joystick and a large LCD display in the dashboard. This provides an excellent overview of the tractor settings and increases operator comfort.

The 5ML tractors can be ordered from January 2023.