As the world population surpassed 8 billion at the end of 2022, Case IH is making the case for technology to provide the answer.

With fewer acres, resources and workers to accomplish it, the task is critical, according to Scott Harris, Case IH global brand president.

At the end of last year, Case IH debuted milestone innovations in a developing technology portfolio at a Tech Days event in Phoenix, Arizona (USA).

“Case IH is and will continue to combine the world’s best and agronomically superior iron with industry-leading, cutting-edge technology that delivers on our brand promise — to make farmers’ lives easier, make their operations more productive and help them thrive in their mission to feed an ever-growing population,” said Scott Harris.

The Tech Days announcements included two new autonomy and automation solutions, and a new electric tractor prototype:

Driverless tillage

Case IH is building on its tractor and tillage platforms with Raven Autonomy to deliver an autonomous tillage solution.

The Raven technology features an advanced perception and sensing system. Additionally, this driverless tillage solution uses AFS Soil Command tillage automation that provides site-specific tillage prescriptions to deliver the right soil management practice for every inch of soil.

Harvest solution

Case IH is advancing productivity with a driver assist harvest solution that synchronises combine and tractor functionality.

Featuring Raven Autonomy technology, this union of tech allows the farmer to coordinate the path and speed of the tractor during an “unload on the go” operation while it keeps the tractor perfectly in sync with the combine when unloading.

Electric tractor

CNH Industrial also presented an electric tractor prototype, which will feature a Case IH model at release. This zero-emissions farming solution with autonomous features is a result of a collaboration with electrified ag innovator, Monarch Tractor.

Commercialization for these solutions will be announced at a later date.

“The world has reached a turning point, resulting in a clear need for farmers and the industry to increase ​productivity," said Mr Harris. ​

"Case IH is responding to that need with technological, machine and method process advances throughout the value chain. ​

“We’ll respond by continuing to advance our commitment to sustainability. We believe these developments are the foundation of a healthier, sustainable and more-productive farming ecosystem.”​