Krone UK has been awarded a silver medal from the Royal Welsh Show in the Machinery and Trade stands Awards, for their new SmartConnect Solar telematics modem.

The Dr Alban Davies Trophy award recognises the most innovative implement, machine, or device that’s likely to be of most benefit to Welsh farmers.

The SmartConnect Solar was also awarded a commendation in the Innovation Awards at the Royal Highland Show earlier this summer.

Ben Davies, product manager at Krone UK says: “We’re delighted to have received the award among such a high calibre of entrants and we were grateful to have been able to have the system on display in the main ring at Royal Welsh Show.”

The SmartConnect Solar is a telematics modem designed to be retro fitted onto machines such as mowers, tedders and rakes, enabling operators to collect data from machines without their own electronics and power supply, explains Mr Davies.

The SmartConnect Solar has an integrated solar panel and rechargeable battery and collects real time data on the position, speed, operating hours and the area worked - eliminating the need for manual data recording. The data can also be accessed retrospectively.

“Where this device really comes into its own is for contractors and hire companies that are able to track their machinery’s usage accurately,” explains Mr Davies.

He adds that this means they are able to charge by area or hours of use basis rather than on a flat daily rate and are also able to easily keep on top of maintenance and service interval tracking.

“The Krone Smart Telematics software is compatible with AgriRouter, enabling data exchange between machines and software from different manufacturers which makes managing the harvest fleet more efficient.

“It can be used to facilitate the scheduling of machines during harvest that can improve the efficiency of the operation as a whole,” Mr Davies says.

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