Three farmers markets in Wales have been named among the top 10 best in the UK in a recent study.

Cowbridge and Cardiff Riverside farmers' markets came in 6th and 13th place respectively, while Haverfordwest Farmers' Market was named ninth best in the top 20 list compiled by HelloFresh. 

HelloFresh analysed everything from how often they occur and how long they last to the number of traders/producers and online ratings in order to come up with their top 20 best farmers markets in the UK.

The best farmers markets in the UK

  1. Winchester Farmers’ Market, Hampshire
  2. Truro Farmers Market, Cornwall
  3. Edinburgh Farmers’ Market, central Scotland
  4. Blackheath Farmers’ Market, South East London
  5. Taunton Farmers’ Market, Somerset
  6. Cowbridge Farmers’ Market, South Glamorgan, Wales
  7. Stirling Farmers’ Market, central Scotland
  8. Barnes Farmers’ Market, South London
  9. Haverfordwest Farmers’ Market, Pembrokeshire, Wales
  10. Stroud Green Market, Gloucestershire
  11. Perth Farmers’ Market, central Scotland
  12. Causeway Specialty Market, Coleraine, Northern Ireland
  13. Cardiff Riverside Farmers' Market, South East Wales
  14. Malton Monthly Food Market, North Yorkshire
  15. The Garage Farmers’ Market, Nottingham
  16. Ripley Farmers’ Market, North Yorkshire
  17. Moseley Farmers’ Market, Birmingham
  18. Hexham Farmers’ Market, Northumberland
  19. Orton Farmers’ Market, Cumbria
  20. Barnard Castle Farmers’ Market, County Durham


What to look out for at a farmers market

Senior Chef at HelloFresh, Mimi Morley, explained exactly what you can find at these farmer's markets.

Wales Farmer: Three farmers' markets in Wales have been named among the best in the UK.Three farmers' markets in Wales have been named among the best in the UK. (Image: Getty Images)

She said: “What can you buy at a farmers market? Typically, farmers markets sell a huge variety of meats, fruit and vegetables.

"This is because it’s fresh produce grown and nurtured in the UK and picked by the highest quality producers before heading to the market.

“Some of the finest meat cuts can be found amongst the trade stands."