PREPARATIONS for this year's Denbigh Plum Feast are underway after a “bumper year” for plum growers.

A one-day event was started by a group of Denbigh business owners in 2009, to raise awareness of the plight of the Denbigh plum, which is Wales’ only native variety.

Since gaining PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) status for the Vale of Clwyd Denbigh Plum in 2019, interest in Wales' only native plum has rocketed among growers and food and drink producers.

The food and drink event attracts micro food producers and encourages them to produce items that are sold on the day of the Denbigh Plum Feast.

This year’s Feast will be held at the Denbigh Town Hall on October 7, and will see a range of plum-based goods on offer for those with a sweet tooth.

Nia Williams, one of the organisers, told the Denbighshire Free Press: “We’ve had a great uptake on people wanting stalls this year.

“A lot of new producers, we’ve got regulars – from beers, wines, gins, vodkas, cocktails to jams chutneys, cakes and puddings.

“Even though it’s been a difficult growth season, we’ve had a bumper year for plums - we couldn’t pick everything, there was too much.”

This year’s edition will host a new cocktail bar, as well as stalls in the Town Hall, a marquee and drinks stands.

Nia added: “We have got incredible craft people, with all gifts made locally, and we all are really looking forward to it, the shops in town are really looking forward to people visiting Denbigh.

“We fundraise throughout year, that’s how we are able to put on a free entry event.”

As well as free entry, the Feast will have free parking in the town centre for visitors, and is boosted by the arrival of two chefs - Chris ‘Flamebaster’ Roberts, a barbecue and grill specialist from Caernarfon, and Robert Dowell-Brown, a champion forager.

“We have got two fantastic chefs, Chris and Rob,” said Nia.

“Rob has been all over the country and has been training a lot of others on how to forage.

“Last year, our foraging workshops were absolutely packed and everyone was absolutely delighted with them.”