An award-winning vineyard along the Powys border is hoping to reap the benefits from this summer’s heatwave and heavy downpours which has been “incredibly beneficial” for their wine business.

Kerry Vale Vineyard, between Sarn and Churchstoke, says it anticipates a bumper crop of its three grape variants after the summer’s mixed weather, with the growing wine industry predicting a vintage year for 2023.

But the business says it is still too early to start celebrating as the weather during the harvest period will ultimately determine the final outcome.

Nadine Roach, from Kerry Vale Vineyard, said: "We had a fantastic flowering season in June, which was further enhanced by the rain in July. As it stands, it appears that we are on track for a remarkable harvest in terms of both quality and quantity."

However, Nadine also emphasised the importance of favourable weather conditions in the upcoming weeks.

Excessive rainfall could potentially harm crops susceptible to mildew, so they are hoping for the right balance of sun, wind, and rain. Ideally, they desire dry, breezy, sunny days with gentle overnight rain until the end of the month.

The industry predicts that 2023 will be a vintage year for English wine due to the combination of a wet spring and a subsequent heatwave, leading to early flowering vines and abundant bunches that are shaping up to provide a bountiful harvest. Kerry Vale and other English wine producers experienced a bumper year in 2018, and they are optimistic that 2023 may be equally as good.

During this time of year, the vineyard continuously monitors sugar levels. Once these are sufficiently high with the right balance of acid, they will begin picking the grapes. They anticipate that this year's first day of harvest will be on September 26.

Kerry Vale Vineyard grows four grape varieties - Rondo, Phoenix, Solaris, and Pinot Noir – and offer tours every Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday from May to September.

People would like to witness this bumper crop firsthand, and perhaps indulge in some wine tasting, can visit Kerry Vale Vineyard for free from Wednesdays to Sundays. The vineyard boasts an award-winning coffee shop that serves homemade food, cakes, and, of course, wine. They also have a shop selling their award-winning wines, as well as other locally made artisan produce and gifts.

Kerry Vale Vineyard said they were “completely overwhelmed” after their appeal for volunteers to hand-pick grapes and transport them to the winery was quickly filled up within 24 hours.