A major multi-platform consumer campaign, which aimed to increase brand awareness of PGI Welsh Lamb, has resulted in major success for Hybu Cig Cymru – Meat Promotion Wales.

Featuring the authentic voices of the Welsh farming community, the ‘Uniquely Welsh. Experts in their field’ campaign shone a light on the lives of three farmers from very different parts of country, who each shared their rich stories of farming heritage and dedication to producing quality, nutritious food.

The farmers taking part in the campaign were Emily Jones of Pen-Uwch, near Tregaron; Alwyn Phillips from Caernarfon, and Ben Williams of Pentyrch, near Cardiff. A TV advert was also filmed at Ken and Lisa Markham’s farm in Llanfihangel-y-Pennant in north Wales.

Their stories had a particular focus on the work they are doing to become more sustainable, whilst farming in harmony with their natural surroundings.

Emily Jones is the fourth generation of her family to have farmed the same patch of land in the uplands of mid Wales, farming for her is a passion and a way of life.

She said: “I’ve been farming alongside my family all my life, and I couldn’t think of anything else that I’d prefer to be doing.

"While I’ve learned everything I know from my family, as they also did from the generation before them, I’d like to think that I’ve added some of my own knowledge along the way. And it is this mix of the old traditions and new innovations that define our family farms in Wales.

“As it can be such a hard and demanding way of life, I truly believe that you can only do it if you feel the passion for the work, and a connection to the land that produces the food.

“And it is this passion and expertise that ultimately shines through to produce something that is not only respected the world over for its quality and taste, but is also sought after by some of the leading chefs and restaurants across the world.”

For Ben Williams, who farms Garth Farm just outside Cardiff with his brother Ethan, “Sustainably farming and taking care of the ground, the land around us, pays back in the long run. It’s a small investment for a very long-term reward.”

With both Ben and Ethan still in their 20s and representing the future of the industry, sustainable farming and allowing the farmers themselves to tell their story, and have a greater connection with the consumer, is very important.

Running between August and October 2023, the campaign employed a mix of TV advertising and more tactical implementations, such as out of home advertising in the vicinity of key retailers where the product was available in store.

Activities reached over three million target consumers, and delivered just under 24 million impressions across England and Wales. The campaign period also saw a dramatic increase in web visits, with just over 230,000 people visiting the site over the 3-month period.

All this resulted in a considerable uplift in brand awareness of 26% and propensity to purchase Welsh Lamb by 7% which brought trust in the brand over competitor brands. Additionally, as a result of targeted advertising around key locations, the campaign saw a 10% uplift in footfall to a major retailer in England stocking the product.

Philippa Gill, HCC’s Campaigns Executive, said: “Welsh Lamb has an incredible story to tell, and behind the premium product are our farmers. They are experts in their field and have therefore played the central role in this campaign. We focused on the people who produce our food and highlighted the uniquely Welsh credentials, which has resonated well with consumers."