A new, more flexible cow brush that operates without electricity will offer many farms the benefit of an effective brush in any part of the farm.

The Happycow FlexiSwing has a vertically oscillating brush that does not require a power connection, making it significantly more cost-effective and easier to maintain.

“This brush is versatile, robust, and designed for both indoor and outdoor use. It offers livestock the opportunity to exercise their natural desire to scratch in any area of the farm,” explains product specialist Hugh Burnham, from manufacturer Kerbl.

The spring mounted, contoured brush enables livestock to choose the pressure, rather than it being exerted by a spinning mechanism. This makes the scratching process more natural and intuitive.

“The polypropylene bristles, galvanised steel mount and spring, make this brush perfect for outdoor use on the sides of buildings or even in fields. The brush width increases from 300mm in diameter at the bottom to 435mm diameter at the top, to make it comfortable for a variety of livestock,” adds Mr Burnham.

The FlexiSwing is designed to improve animal health by offering a calmer scratching experience. The importance of grooming in relation to diet suggests that offering livestock easy to access scratching areas can improve productivity.

“Whether installed for cows or horses, this brush has the versatility to improve the mood of livestock, enabling them to rest more easily by reducing the stress of pests and providing gentle muscle stimulation,” says Mr Burnham.

The low maintenance design and easy to fit three-part construction make the FlexiSwing an easy to install option that will perform in any conditions. It is also a more sustainable option, requiring no power and having the option of additional replacement brushes.

The Happycow FlexiSwing is available with an MSRP of £584.17 excluding VAT.