Dutch robotic company Lely has released its next-generation manure robot, which boasts greater driving capacity and wireless charging.

The new Discovery Collector C2 is the latest invention in the company’s Discovery portfolio of revolutionary manure-collecting robots.

It has all the advantages of the current Discovery Collector, but an upgrade includes a lithium battery that is charged wirelessly. This means it can be charged faster, so more time is spent cleaning.

The robot spends 60% of its time cleaning (14.4 hours) and only 40% (9.6 hours) charging.

Manure is collected, rather than pushed, before being unloaded above a dumping point. The Discovery Collector C2 sprays water at the front and back for cleaner results and additional grip.

This water is tanked independently and stored in two water pockets in the manure tank. As the manure tank becomes fuller, the volume of the water bags decreases, so more space becomes available for manure. As a result, the machine is compact and cows can get around it more easily, promoting free cow traffic.

The Discovery Collector C2 navigates independently using built-in sensors, eliminating the need for obstacles, and allowing cows to move unimpeded and safely inside the shed.

Cleaning routes can be tailored to fit in with the farm’s daily chores.

The Discovery Collector C2 can clean sheds with up to 120 cows. For prices, contact your local Lely centre.