The first ever creamery in Pembrokeshire which aims to supply ‘fully Welsh’ milk to its consumers, has officially opened. 

On Tuesday (July 2), Pembrokeshire Creamery unveiled its milk processing facility which will support local farming communities, create new skilled jobs, increase supply chain efficiency and reduce miles travelled to deliver food.

As the only BRCGS-accredited liquid milk facility in the country, the creamery has introduced 80 jobs and has the capacity to bottle more than one million litres of milk per week.

Pembrokeshire Creamery will aim to support local farming communities.Pembrokeshire Creamery will aim to support local farming communities. (Image: Matt Appleby)

The creamery aims to supply 'Welsh milk' to its consumers.The creamery will supply 'Welsh milk' to its consumers. (Image: Matt Appleby)

More than one million litres of milk can be bottled at Pembrokeshire Creamery per week.More than one million litres of milk can be bottled at Pembrokeshire Creamery per week. (Image: Matt Appleby) Managing director of Pembrokeshire Creamery, Mark McQuade said: “We’re creating new markets with major retailers for authentic Welsh milk which in turn is helping us complete our mission to deliver sustainably sourced Welsh milk, bottled right here in Wales while offering a fair and transparent price to farmers.”

“We are already committing to more investment and increasing our capacity - and we would like to thank all of the people locally, our staff and suppliers, who have supported us as we’ve built and opened our new state-of-the-art facility.”

Managing director, Mark McQuade wants to offer a 'fair and transparent price to farmers.'Managing director, Mark McQuade wants to offer a 'fair and transparent price to farmers.' 

Before the existence of Pembrokeshire Creamery, retailers would have to bottle their milk in factories outside of Wales and then send them back to be sold in stores.

The creamery has recently announced deals with Asda and Lidl to supply their own-branded milk to stores across Wales.

Cabinet Secretary for Climate Change and Rural Affairs, Huw Irranca-Davies added:

“I am delighted that the new Pembrokeshire Creamery has started processing Welsh milk for Lidl and Asda.

“This new facility, supported by Welsh Government Rural Development investment underlines the commitment of the Welsh Government to the dairy sector in Wales.

“This investment ensures that milk which previously had to be transported to England is now processed in Wales. As a result, Welsh consumers will now be able to buy Welsh milk, produced in Wales.”

“This also supports the industry to reach high levels of sustainability, raising the Food and Drink industry’s reputation in Wales, the UK and overseas.”

Pembrokeshire Creamery is run by an experienced team whose goals are also to pay a fair market-related price to dairy farmers, improve environmental sustainability and maintain animal welfare.

The ultimate goal is to be the leading supplier of Welsh milk by sourcing 100% milk of its milk from Welsh cows and support local farming communities.

HSBC has invested almost 20 million to process high-quality Welsh milk that is farmed, bottled and sold in Wales.

The creamery also received a £5 million grant through the Food Business Investment Scheme and £1.4 million from the Food Business Accelerator Scheme.

In the future, there are plans to develop a second milk processing line and automated trolley fillers so the company can meet the growing demand for locally sourced Welsh milk.