Farming unions in Wales have congratulated new PM Sir Keir Starmer on his historic election victory and wasted no time in calling for a fair funding deal for Wales.

The Farmers’ Union of Wales and NFU Cymru said Wales is seeking a fair, annual funding settlement to support food production, the rural economy and the work farmers do for the environment.

FUW president Ian Rickman said: “Firstly, I would like to congratulate the newly elected Prime Minister and his party for a historic general election victory, and thank those MPs we have worked closely with over the past five years.

“The FUW is not affiliated to any political party and is therefore prepared to engage and work with politicians from all parties to ensure the voices of Welsh farmers are heard.”

The FUW General Election Manifesto sets out the union’s key priorities of the incoming government, focussing on securing a fair, multi-annual funding settlement of at least £450 million per year in EU CAP legacy funding for agriculture and rural development in Wales. The role of this support in underpinning food production, environmental protection and rural communities in Wales cannot be underestimated.

The union says it is essential that the newly elected UK Government ensures that any future deals with other countries and trading blocs take a far more robust approach that protects UK farmers and food security. With that, food imports and exports must be subject to the same custom and standard controls which provides a level playing field between UK and EU producers.

The manifesto also calls on the UK Government to introduce procurement policies that prioritise public body support for Welsh and British businesses and promote a more transparent supply chain.

NFU Cymru President, Mr Aled Jones said: “On behalf of NFU Cymru and its membership I want to congratulate the Labour Leader and our next Prime Minister, Sir Keir Starmer as well as all those who have just been elected to the Westminster Parliament, and those who are about to form the next UK Government.

"The next few years look set to be another defining period for Welsh agriculture, and as a union we very much look forward to working with our politicians as we promote and seek to advance the interests of Wales’ farmers.”

Mr Jones added: “Our manifesto made a number of asks of the next UK Government, and chief amongst those is an inflation adjusted, ring-fenced and multi-annual agricultural support budget which will take us through to the next election, helping give the industry the certainty it needs to plan for the future and to deal with market-place volatility.

“Alongside this we have to see food production and food security given the priority they need and deserve to ensure we support primary production in Wales. That’s why in our manifesto we called on the next UK Government to establish minimum standards and to promote fair and functioning supply chains, as well as increasing the amount of Welsh food which goes into the public sector and to strengthen country of origin labelling across retail, hospitality and food service with clear and accurate labelling to allow informed consumer choice.

“We also want to see future trade deals with third countries be more balanced with the needs and sensitivities of the agricultural sector taken into account, with agriculture no longer being a bargaining chip when it comes to making trade deals and we have emphasised this point once again in our manifesto.”