The Welsh Assembly Government's controversial badger cull in north Pembrokeshire has been halted after a successful appeal by the Badger Trust.

The trust went to the Court of Appeal after the High Court refused to grant a judicial review of the badger cull in April.

Anti cull campaigners have maintained that there is not enough evidence to link badgers with the spread of TB and that vaccination is a more effective way to stop the spread of the disease.

Last month Rural Affairs Minister, Elin Jones suspended the cull until results of the appeal hearing were known.

It was announced this morning that the wildlife campaigners had been successful in their appeal and the cull, which was part of a raft of measures to tackle bovine TB, had been halted.

According to Elin Jones, bovine TB caused about 12,000 cattle to be culled last year, costing £24m in compensation alone.

The minister said she was frustrated by the decision of the three law lords.

“I am disappointed with this judgement particularly as the court recognises the serious impact that bovine TB is having in Wales and the need to tackle the disease.

“We will now need to consider the judges' decision in detail before deciding our next steps.

“It is however clear that if we don’t tackle all sources of infection we will not eradicate it. Farmers, their families and our rural communities are suffering from the devastating consequences of this disease and I remain committed to its eradication."