THE Badger Trust described the announcement of fresh plans for a cull as “Wales revisiting its lost cause” and a “reckless gamble”.

A trust spokesman said: “Culling could make no meaningful contribution and could make the epidemic worse. This would not eradicate bovine TB and was the conclusion of the greatest scientific field trial ever undertaken in Britain costing £50million over nine years. Worse, the Badger Trust stresses that the plan would also interfere with the stringent cattle-based measures Welsh farmers are already taking.”

The trust says figures quoted for assumed benefits of culling in the intensive action area do not put them into context.

The spokesman added: “For the present the much improved stringent cattle measures in Wales now in force should be allowed to produce results, but it will take many years, and badger culling will lengthen rather than shorten the process.”

The RSPCA stated it was “very concerned” about the new move to hold a cull in Wales.

A spokesman said: “We have always been firmly opposed to the proposed cull in Wales as we believe that vaccination, increased levels of testing, improved biosecurity and stricter controls on the movement of cattle are more sustainable and effective ways of reducing the incidence of bovine TB in cattle.

“We will be looking at the consultation in detail and considering a response.

“We urge members of the public to express their views by contacting their AMs. Please go to www. for more information.”