DEPRESSED fat cattle prices resulted in a cautious start to Clee, Tompkinson & Francis's Annual Spring Weaned Calf Show and Sale at Sennybridge Market on Tuesday, April 19.

A total of 309 steers averaged £2.15/kg and £817 per head (down £92/head on the year) with 26% over £2.30/kg 263 heifers averaged £2.03/kg and £714 per head (down £80/head on the year) with 25% over £2.20/kg.

However the large number of buyers from all corners of the UK soon began to loosen purse strings as the quality show of calves passed through the ring. As temptation rose purchasers began to battle it out resulting in a very pleasing trade.

Rougher, fitter cattle ready to face the great outdoors, as expected, were closely followed. Larger cattle and the ‘over cooked’ felt more of a head wind.

Notably, the price differential between steers and heifers has narrowed.

Champion group of four or more calves were shown by JK Morgan & Co, Gorslwyd, Senni. The show was judged by Steve Price, Upper Porthgwyn, Garthbrengy who backed his judgement by purchasing the champion pen of heifers for £940. A £200 prize fund was generously donated by the Brecon Branch of the NFU Mutual. Notable prices were as follows.

Steers: £/kg – H Thomas, Gellyfowy Ganol, 270kg, £740, 274p/kg, HE Havard, Cwmbrynich, 380kg, £1040, 273p/kg, IW & JHR & W Pugh, Caerllwyn, 330kg, £890, 269p/kg (x2), JK Morgan & Co, Gorslwyd, 320kg, £850, 265p/kg, GHE Jones, Cefnfedw Isaf, 320kg, £840, 262p/kg, GT Phillips, Bailey Bach, 360kg, £940, £261p/kg.

£/head – CD Dyer, Penywaun, 480kg, £1070, HE Havard, Cwmbrynich, 380kg, £1040, DR Price & Co, Garreglwyd, 450kg, £1010 (x5), JM & AM Lewis, 420kg, £1000, HE Havard, Cwmbrynich, 450kg, £990 (x2), 380kg, £980 (x5), DJ & GM Davies, Maespoth, 520kg, £980, R Jones & Son, Gwarllan, 420kg, £970 (x8).

Heifers: £/kg – JK Morgan & Co., Gorslwyd, 310kg, £940, 303p/kg, (Champions) (x4), 300kg, £840, 280p/kg (x2), RI & ME Price, Penwingon Fawr, 300kg, £830, 276p/kg, P & M Davies, Tirmawr, 300kg, £820, 273p/kg, Cnewr Estate Ltd, 227kg, £620, 272p/kg (x8), KH & J Davies, Glwydcaenewydd, 340kg, £920, 270p/kg.

£/head – EAH Davies, Llwynyrhebog, 460kg, £1130, KH & J Davies, Glwydcaenewydd, 400kg, £1050, DG Lewis, Cefncoed Mawr, 500kg, £1040, A & MEE Price, Goleugoed, 460kg, £1030, Godor Farm, 400kg, £985, JK Morgan & Co, Gorslwyd, 380kg, £980, Godor Farm, 380kg, £950.