I have consumed many opinions, polls and statistics in my quest to make sense of this month’s EU referendum. I have listened to debates between those who think we would be better off outside Europe and those who predict a disaster. But the result of this overload of information is that I am none the wiser. In fact, my voting intentions seem to shift daily, influenced by what I have just read or listened to. I am not alone. Family, friends and colleagues admit they feel unqualified to vote because so unsure are they of the true facts. The ‘out’ camp paint a very rosy future for the farming industry outside of the EU but, as a single nation, can the UK really wield the same power as 28 countries combined? We are told by the great and the good that leaving the EU will create uncertainty for agriculture but the current CAP has a limited life, and who knows what the next CAP will look like. Defra appears to have no ‘plan B’ should we exit Europe and this is in itself worrying. Surely it must have some ideas? It must make a commitment that it will seek trade links with other countries to the advantage of British farmers; and neither should our farmers be disadvantaged in the domestic marketplace. Farming has been subsidised in one way or another for decades so there is a need for a level of support. The farming vote is important on June 23rd so for those of us who are still undecided, bring on the facts before then so that we can be guided by our heads not our hearts.