For Crossfit Pembrokeshire members, it was five weeks of hell.

But it was all worth it.

The club recently took part in the CrossFit 2020 Open, a worldwide competition that held annually over five. Overall, 20 members completed the workouts each week in the RX, Scaled and Masters categories.

The judging takes into account a variety of different factors, and at the end of it all Crossfit Pembrokeshire were ranked first in the UK, and 27th worldwide.

Furthermore Naomi Birch, who competed in the Scaled category, put in a remarkable effort to be placed second in the UK.

"The open is one of my favourite times of the year," said Sam Feneck, owner of Crossfit Pembrokeshire.

"I see my members push themselves harder than ever before and the passion and support that is created over the five weeks is infectious.

"Walking away with these results is a showcase of all their hard work they have put in since we opened 11 months ago.

"I'm prouder than ever that these guys are waving the CrossFit Pembrokeshire flag nice and high."

For more information on the group, and for training times, visit the Crossfit Pembrokeshire Facebook page.