Just when it appeared the Cardigan & District Pool League Championship was cut and dried with leaders and champions Lamb A set to retain their title, a chink of light appeared at the end of the tunnel for second in the table and champions of two seasons ago Red Lion who thumped the pacesetters 7-3.

It appeared to be another win for the Lamb cueists when taking a 2-1 lead but the home cueists came storming back with some first-rate potting.

Singles champion of season 2017-18 Chris Truslove of the Lamb broke off twice in the match and then had to sit it out as opponents cleaned up.

After Truslove took the opening shot against Darren Howells the Red cueist made an eight-ball clearance and home skipper Dyf Allen potted all eight balls in the doubles.

Lamb are still favourites for the title but the door is now ajar with Red Lion ten points adrift and with a game in hand.

Results: Lamb B 4 Llew Coch 6; Morlan 4 Bell 6; Red Lion 7 Lamb A 3

8-ball clearance: Dyf Allen, Darren Howells (Red Lion)

Standings: Lamb A 81 Red Lion 71; Rugby Club 64; Llew Coch 57; Bell, Morlan 40; Lamb B 35; Bowling Club 32